Dave’s Piano Playlist of Spiritual and Christmas Tunes

Dave's new direction and takes on these popular classical and pop selections. Included is an arrangement of O Little Town, by his father Bob Currier!  Dave Brubeck Christmas songs also here performed...

Dave Visits Baar Fun, and learns some Tango moves for the Guests!

Dave and Cecelia, Flamenco Dancer in Montevideo! Tango Intro, Baar Fun- Montevideo Tango #2, Baar Fun- Montevideo Dance #3, Baar Fun- Montevideo Tango #4, Baar Fun- Montevideo Tango #5, Baar Fun- Montevideo Tango #6, Baar Fun- Montevideo It has been said that doing...

Dave is aboard Regent 7 Seas Mariner as band keys man!

Photos by Dave Currier taken aboard Ms. Mariner on first leg of cruise, Miami to Callao, Peru. Next cruise November 16 will take us all the way to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Dave Currier Audiobook and Commercial Showcase

New Playlist of Audio Demo Samples, Dave Currier commercial and audio book work.

Dave’s Neil Diamond Tribute

Finally, Dave decided it was a great idea to present a tribute set to the wonderful College Walk crowd in Brevard this past Friday, October 5. Relive just a segment of this set, featuring some of these top hits- [video width="640" height="480"...
  1. Products and Services -30 Promo CA
  2. Audio Book Excerpt- Lima, Then and Now 3:15
  3. Audio Book Sample- Cruising the Panama Canal- 4 Min 4:00
  4. Ric Ocasek Remembered- Dave's Thoughts 1:00