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This is the DC Radio Podcast. In this week, we are talking about two of my favorite and beloved HBO series, Entourage and the Sopranos. Also, an update on the forthcoming Sopranos movie, the Saints of Newark. The Entourage movie, after Season 8, was aired in 2015. Mark Wahlberg is an executive producer, and he make cameos on some episodes. Mainly he was on the golf course with Jeremy Piven, aka “Ari Gold,” the Hollywood studio mogul. Mark is known for the smash box office movies, “The Big Hit,” “The Italian Job,” Perfect Storm,” and “Patriot Day,’ As well there are many great other famous actors and actresses who make cameos throughout the series. I was introduced to Entourage from Greg Crysler, a good friend from PA, who said if You liked Sopranos, you’ll like Entourage.

Many Saints of Newark- photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Coming onto prime time and under the radar, The Sopranos became a cultural phenomenon. It is easily one of the best shows on television, both from a writing and acting perspective. It took the mob mythos into the modern era, and added new riffs and spins to old themes. More than any portrayal of the mafia before, it delved into the inner workings of the mob family, domestic life, and a mob boss who’s becoming unhinged. The Sopranos chronicles the life of Tony Soprano, a mafia beset by modern problems that Al Capone and Lucky Luciano didn’t have to deal with. What might the film be about? Newark will surely explore how The Sopranos‘s tough, bitter men and women came to be the way they were. Many Saints of Newark will be released on 5 September, 2020.

Now, Dave did a little investigative reporting onboard ship. These are some of our thoughts on what’s going on, in the Corona Virus update.

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