Why Do Bands Breakup? Financial News Report | A Worldwide Pandemic

Pink Floyd photo courtesy of Rolling Stone

This is the 7th episode on the DC Radio Podcast. It features the stories that made bands like Pink Floyd and the latter-day Beatles great. Discusses their rise and fall, and eventual breakups, and heartache that accompanied that. I was a keyboards man for the same band for 7 ½ years and thought that I would be a star somehow, but I was involved in a band break up, too.

Some of the worst band breakups of all time include One Direction, The Beatles, Take That, Oasis, Abba, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin. Celebrities also can be ego-centric and the personalities are too strong and clash. Some bands are in reformation, after going their separate ways and try again. But fans pining for, in the case of a Genesis reunion with Peter Gabriel, have to admit this is something that just may never happen and is already put to rest.

Corona Virus- image courtesy of gettyimages.com

The Corona Virus. This means extra sanitation measures as a precaution. Even we have to be served meals by other wait staff. But boy, everywhere else you turn to, the media is in a frenzy about this condition. Look at what happened on the Diamond Princess. This is no laughing matter, Corona Virus effect starts from mainland China to India, Italy, Africa and even far-reaching to the US.

Here on the DC Radio podcast, we refer to advise from a top doctor on the precautions to take with this pandemic. As the virus spreads around the world, could a global recession be close behind? As markets in the US and around the world take a downward turn, more economists are talking about the possibility of a global recession. What should Americans with 401K’s do to protect their money?

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