This is another podcast chock- full of interviews that were conducted onboard the Island Princess cruise ship. Dave parted information about rehearsing and playing in ship’s bands. The daily life has many challenges for newer musicians, in keeping in step with musicians who have already “been there, done it, and not their first rodeo.” Cruises can range from routine, like 3-day party cruises, to hectic 18-21 day cruises. This work not only includes the general band sets, but also a lot of time spent learning to fit scheduling into pressure-packed deadlines. The kind of pressure we are talking about is having to rehearse up to 2 hours for a demanding guest artist, either singer or instrumentalist who these ship musicians have never met before. So they are sight-reading a brand new, tough show!

A dancer covered the aspects of living and environment onboard ship. Most live with complete strangers, but in terms of the dancers, they often rehearse for 6 weeks prior to the job, and know their roommates already once they reach the ship. The different class systems, things passenger guests don’t see right off. Their upper-class, like doctors, Captain’s circle host. The middle class includes dancers, musicians and shop workers. The lower class is like F&B food and beverage, and room stewards.

Next in this intriguing podcast was covered very well by guest artist pianist Van- Anh Nwin, who talked about relationships. Guest artists have even less time to make long-term relations if mainly due to the short gigs they do, only 1 or 2 weeks. Their seems to be a Filipino and Indonesian “Mafia,” where you can get privileges to late night drinks after hours, or food stuff! Throughout the whole video and interviews is original music by singer-guitarist Trevor Davies, to see Trevor’s work, please visit Much has been to do about how folks in other departments are jealous of the musicians.


  1. Products and Services -30 Promo CA
  2. Audio Book Excerpt- Lima, Then and Now 3:15
  3. Audio Book Sample- Cruising the Panama Canal- 4 Min 4:00
  4. Ric Ocasek Remembered- Dave's Thoughts 1:00