Dave’s work with the legendary Ringling Circus

Dave Currier 1st and 2nd keyboard Ringling Bros. Circus…
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Currier letter of recommendation

Also provided here are letters from various musical and radio artists whom directly have taught and worked with Dave over the past 15 years. Letters additionally can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/in/davecurrier. Dear Entertainment Director, My name is...
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Dave Currier Music Resume

This resume will give good insights as to Dave’s colorful history of employment in the world of entertainment. Dave Currier 273 Inoli Circle, Brevard, North Carolina, USA 28712 ▪ ddavester3@gmail.com (828)-384-0987 Cell ▪ (828)- 883- 4680 Home ▪  Available...
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Dave .mp3 Playlist of 2017 hits

Dave has an extensive repetoire with 22 tribute sets. Within these tributes, he has taken 2 songs from each artist and created this playlist of new recordings. Alternatively, you can listen to these songs and more hits, at...
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2017 Party video demo

Filmed by enthusiastic Mexican fans, Dave plays popular pianobar hits like “Piano Man”, “Country Roads,” “Don’t Stop Believin”, and more. Dave was the house pianist on Oceania Nautica and this was recorded on the British...
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Dave Currier's Online Media Room

Listen to his audio clips, comment on his blog posts, and view his videos.
  1. Organ Grinder 60 Second CA 0:59
  2. Takin' It to the Streets Dave Currier 2:51
  3. lost-keys-30-second-ca Dave Currier 0:31
  4. Every Rose Has Its Thorn Dave Currier 4:18